Joseph Palumbo is the embodiment of the reluctant acceptance of adulthood and an up-and-coming comedian in the San Antonio area. The San Antonio native and former angry fat kid always entertains with interesting angles on contemporary subject matter. A technophile at heart, he has been writing and performing comedy to the delight of sophisticated and tech-savvy audiences across the Alamo City for the past year.  

Referred to as the "the thinking man's comedian" by a drunk cosplayer at an Austin Denny's, and called the possible lovechild of Steven King and Queen Latifah (according to Google Translate) by a group of Mexican seminary students at the Round Rock IKEA, Palumbo always delivers on a good show and engaging material. 

Catch him at several local comedy venues where he performs several times a week or contact him directly about availability for clubs, corporate events and comedy writing. 

More praise for Joseph Palumbo: 

The drink specials were good...hey, where’s my girl at? What’s this for anyways?
— Member of an audience