Michael Suarez / by Joseph Palumbo

In this conversation I talk with veteran comedian, headliner, and co-founder of the Nerdcore Comedy group, Michael Suarez.

Comedy is one of those esoteric things where there is no direct line from open mic to Carnegie Hall. Every story and every career is going to be different. But despite the diversity in paths, there are some fundamental skills that are universal to all successful people. Perseverance, dedication, sacrifice and contribution are a few that come to mind.

Michael has definitely had his share of all of the above. And in the case of creating Nerdcore Comedy, he's made a valuable contribution to the comedy community at large. While a lot of comedians put together acts that appeal to a wide audience, Nerdcore Comedy has illustrated the importance and value of creating new outlets for like-minded comedians and audiences to connect.

You can catch Mike this week at The Improv @ River Center Wednesday, August 24th when he takes the stage for Alex Ansel's farewell show and album recording.

You can also catch him and Nerdcore Comedy at South Texas' largest anime convention, San Japan.