Alex Ansel and Jacob Yarbrough / by Joseph Palumbo

In this episode I sit down with veteran comedian Alex Ansel and relative new comer, Jacob Yarbrough,  to talk about what it takes to organize, promote and produce a high quality comedy show. 

Alex has made a name for himself by not only being funny onstage, but by also building a number of long running comedy shows including Braindead Comedy (Zombie’s Bar), Belly Laughs and the very successful Nerdcore Comedy (with Mike Suarez) that can be found filling rooms at most comic book and anime conventions around Texas. As Alex’s career continues to taken him on the road, Jacob has started to step in to maintain some of these shows as well as produce some of his own events. 

Alex and Jacob explain how to pick a venue, how to negotiate terms with a venue, budget for a show, book talent, promote the show and maximize revenue. 

Why this topic again? Because the more people in and around the San Antonio/Austin comedy scene who know how to put on a high quality comedy showcase the more opportunities we’ll have to display our talents and grow our value. 

You can see Alex perform this month at one of the following shows: 
6/15 City Slickers at Texas South Dance Hall, Pleasanton, TX
6/16 Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club, San Antonio, TX
6/17 Valerie's G2G, Ft. Stockton, TX
6/18 Exhibition Building, Crane, TX
6/19 Ward Coliseum, Monahans, TX
6/21 BRAINDEAD COMEDY at Zombies Bar, San Antonio, TX
6/29 Headlining IMPROV, Houston, TX

You’ll be able to see Alex Ansel and his partner, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, on Jake’s Unspoken Word tour: 
7/10 Funny Bone, Omaha, NE
7/11 IMPROV, Kansas City, MO
7/12 Funny Bone, Des Moines, IA

Make sure to catch Jacob Yarbrough at the following shows: 
7/17 - Overtime Cabaret at the Overtime Theatre
7/18 - The Cut Up Comedy Show in Austin, TX