Aaron Long by Joseph Palumbo

If you don't know about Aaron Long, you should. Aaron is a funny dude who in a short time has picked up a ton of momentum in the local comedy scene and has really made a name for himself. In addition to being funny, he's got an amazing work ethic. He's always writing. You see him at almost every open mic, include the ones he runs and hosts. Dude is just an all around good guy. 

So happy to have a chance to sit down and get to know a little more about the man behind the Internet porn jokes. 

Also, make sure to check out Aaron's Facebook page as well as his open mics: Sunday a Rebar and Thursday at Sparks Club. 

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The Open Mic Guild - Ep. 3 - Jeff Stone by Joseph Palumbo

In this our third episode we have the same cast of characters as episode two, but we focus our attention on Mr. Jeff Stone. 

Jeff and Travis talk about almost seeing a man die on the way to the recording session. We talk about personas versus genuiness and vulnerability as a foundation for a comedy act. and we talk about the finer points of meshing with the comedy community. 

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The Open Mic Guild - Ep. 1 - Origins by Joseph Palumbo

The open mic is an essential part of the comedian's existence. It's where the craft is learned and the dues are paid to get into the business and, once successful, it's where the art comedy is practiced and perfected. 

Listen to comedians of all backgrounds and various stations in their comedy career talk about getting into comedy through the open mic and what it takes to make people laugh. 

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The Open Mic Guild - Ep. 2 - Travis Reyes by Joseph Palumbo

Local comedian Travis "Popcorn Butter Hands" Reyes and his friend Jeff Stone talk to George and I about his aspirations for theatre, finding his voice behind the open mic and the process he uses to write new material. 

Matt Martinez (a.k.a. Chief Standup) pays us a surprise visit and sits awkwardly in the corner while we record the episode. 

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