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The Practical and Impractical Mandatory Reading List for Customer Success Leaders by Joseph Palumbo

There are a number of books that contain the knowledge, insight, and motivation that I use on a daily basis, especially when it comes to the discipline of Customer Success. As both an avid reader and recommender of books, here is my abridged list of the practical and somewhat impractical books that I consider mandatory reading for any Customer Success Manager or Customer Success Leader.

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5 Tips For Hiring A Customer Success Leader by Joseph Palumbo

More and more businesses are looking to Customer Success to help meet their revenue, retention, and customer satisfaction goals, as well provide insight for product development and marketing strategy. But while these business leaders understand what they want and how Customer Success can help them realize these goals, there is still apprehension on how to find and hire the right person to guide their organization through the sometimes tectonic shift in business model and culture required to fully leverage the power of Customer Success.

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How to make a functional CSM Tracker using Google Sheets by Joseph Palumbo

While there are many books and blog posts about What is Customer Success? and How to build a Customer Success program? there isn't much in terms of bootstrapping tools and reporting. This post provides a tutorial on how I created a solidly functional solution for tracking CSM activities using Google Sheet's built-in tools. 

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