Customer Success and Business Transformation / by Joseph Palumbo

I spend a lot of time on Sundays thinking and daydreaming. It's the only day that isn't already claimed for other tasks. Today I was thinking about what it is Customer Success really provides to our customers. 

The companies that we work for provide a product/service for customers, but those tools exist in a vacuum until our customers really learn how to use them. That's where we come in. 

It's our job to ensure that we are assessing and addressing the needs of our customers. We build strategies that connect our customers to favorable business outcomes using the tools provided by our company. 

If we are successful, we can be the catalyst for a fundamental shift in how our customers do business. Think of how Salesforce revolutionized the way companies manage their sales funnel. Think of how AWS shifted the way companies think of infrastructure at scale and IT planning. The lists goes on and I'm sure you can think of so many more examples. 

But one thing was paramount to these shifts in business. It wasn't the tools themselves. Those are just, well, tools. A hammer is useless unless it is in the hands of somebody who knows how to use it.

It was the Customer Success teams that worked with clients on how to adapt their business models to leverage these new tools. In short, it was the Customer Success Managers who cultivated the shift in thinking, process and methodology that extracted the value these tools promise. Customer Success is in the business of business transformation. 

And when you start thinking of Customer Success as a bridge to business transformation, so many things start to make sense about the value we create.