Gawker might be going out of business? / by Joseph Palumbo

I just read this article that says as a result of Hulk Hogan's court win against Gawker, the click-bait, infotainment site might be going out of business? I'm pretty OK with that. Let me explain why. 

We live in a  glorious time. Some people call it the "Information Age". A time when we have more access to information then ever before. There is literally a smart phone in every pocket and purse in America that wireless links to an index database containing the collective knowledge of our species since the beginning of recorded time (and even a little bit before that).

Surely this proximity to knowledge would produce a citizenry that is informed, engaged and articulate enough to make quick work of solving the world's most difficult problems. Right? 


But how, you're probably asking, could it be possible that when information flows as freely as winds across the amber grains of our great country, we have a predominantly uneducated, illiterate, misinformed and apathetic population? 

Because the two groups that are the primary factors in producing an educated and informed populace checked their integrity at the door a long time ago and decided to focus on maximizing profit by turning out an inferior product. 

Gawker thinks Hulk Hogan's sex life is front page news and worth claiming First Amendment protection. They also think exposing the sexual preference of others is critical to maintaining an informed and engaged audience. Well, to be fair, it may keep people engaged, but for all  the wrong reasons. 

On a side note, when will students realize that paying over $10K a semester for mostly outdated information and no critical thinking skills is a fair deal? At best it will get a long-term stint at an entry level position in corporate America or make you a bad ass manager at Starbucks.