I'm going to be on the radio / by Joseph Palumbo

A few weeks ago, as part of Startup Week in San Antonio, I gave what amounted to an elevator pitch about my startup, Filestack, to a bar full of local technophiles. I must have done a good job because right when I got off stage, JJ Gorena, one half of the Bobby and JJ Radio duo approached me about being on his radio show. 

For those of you that know me, you know that I'll talk tech anytime and to anybody; the larger the audience the better. And I've been a fan of talk radio since I was in college. I'm always listening to NPR and have more than a few podcasting credentials on my resume. So, in short, the answer was "Duh? Yes!"

The digital announcement card Bobby and JJ Radio made for me to promote the show. 

We recorded the show on Wednesday (I hope I'm not giving away any secrets) and it will air this Sunday at 10AM on AM 930. I talk about how Filestack has grown from a small project at MIT to a YCombinator graduate to an industry leading file management framework that powers some of the most popular and fastest growing sites on the Internet. I also talk about how I got into tech and why I think it being able to talk about your product is one of the most important, but challenging, parts of working in innovative technologies. 

Me saying something amazingly brilliant, I'm sure. 

That's all I'll say about it. Don't want to ruin anything else. But I do want to thank JJ, Bobby and Chantel Martinez for allowing me to be on the show. I had a lot of fun and can cross something I've always wanted to do off my bucket list.