My recent Aeropress method (dialed for Brown Coffee Co. Michicoy) / by Joseph Palumbo

If we've talked coffee lately, you know I'm coming off my African-only kick and starting to find a deep appreciate for the savory South American beans and I've started using my Aeropress more rather than my Chemex. 

I was addicted to Brown Coffee Co.'s Laurencio from Columbia for a few months after I bought it on a whim after binge watching Narcos on Netflix. True story. I thought drinking a Columbian coffee would be the most appropriate beverage to go with Pablo's story. 

This past weekend I picked up a bag of Michicoy from Guatemala. It is delightfully savory, sweet and buttery smooth in the mouth. I've been tinkering with the variables on my brew method and think I've got it pretty much dialed in. So I thought I would share. 

If you're using an Aeropress, this is what I've found to be the best method (dialed for Brown's Michicoy). 

  1. 20g coffee (fine grind) 
  2. Water @ 205º
  3. Add <100g of water for 30s bloom
  4. Stir to ensure all grounds get soaked
  5. Add water to fill
  6. Let steep for 1 min
  7. Invert and slow plunge into cup
  8. Dilute to fill cup. 

I am by no means an expert when it comes to Aeropress, or coffee for that matter, but this has produced consistent results for a few days. So give it a try. 

*Yes, I know, I really should add pictures. I'll do it next time. Wasn't expecting to post about this.