It's really a sickness (can't sleep) / by Joseph Palumbo

By now it's the 5th of July, but not that long ago I was sitting on my niece and nephew's front yard watching the sky light up with the customary fireworks celebrating our country's declaration of independence from the anglo oppressors on the other side of the Atlantic. Loud explosions and the smell of gunpowder are the hallmarks of this holiday. Since this year's 4th is so close to the landmark SCOTUS decision declaring that marriage is a right all American's should enjoy, I coined the phrase "Gaytriotism" to describe the patriotic pride for our country doing the right for so many citizens. 

But I guess being around all that barbecue, gunpowder and patriotism was a little too much for me, because now I can't sleep. And what's worse is that I tend to be very sensitive to disturbances in my sleep pattern. So for anybody who has to work with me this upcoming week, I apologize in advance. 

So, the sickness thing, I was referring to buying watches. I just bought an Omega Speedster Profession (Calibre 1861) not more than two weeks ago and I'm already hankering and scheming to buy the next one. Which one? Well, I still really want the Rolex Submariner, but I'm actually looking at the Rolex Explorer this time around. 

Rolex's statement on what a straightforward, functional time piece should look like. 

Rolex's statement on what a straightforward, functional time piece should look like. 

The stupid thing is that I keep buying watches that are under the $9K mark with the justification that they are less than the Rolex Submariner that I was originally going to purchase, but at this point I've spent significantly more than if I would have just bought the watch that I wanted. So now I'm back at it again, thinking about adding another watch to my collection, in part, because it is a "bargain" when compared to the watch I was going to get. And then I start thinking about trading one of the watches I currently have for the Rolex, but I'd hate to get rid of any of those watches. 

It's late, about 2:16AM, and I really need to get some sleep.