What is the good life? / by Joseph Palumbo

I was listening to Debbie Millman interview Jonathan Fields on a recent episode of the Design Matters podcast. In it, Jonathan talks about the good life project. Which got me to thinking about what is “the good life” to me? 

This is a bit jumbled and not fully-formed, but here is a brain dump from this morning after listening to the podcast in which I tried to define my own "good life".

The good life is... 

Not a destination, but a sense of well-being, having confidence in the moment wherever you are.

Not a destination, but moving towards a clearly defined and fulfilling goals (right direction). 

Having a clear set of values by which to guide you…never feeling lost, knowing the right direction. 

Being OK with being outside your comfort zone, seeing the value in being challenged. 

Knowing what you want(!) and having the confidence to think you deserve it and not being afraid to ask for it. 

Knowing when to (and giving yourself permission) to rest, recuperate and regenerate. 

Giving yourself permission to fail and being OK with not having all the answers. Understanding that failure is an important component to success. 

Processing failure in a healthy way - these are the moments in which we learn and grow. 

Learn how to (and giving yourself the permission) to say ‘no’, to minimize distractions and focus on what’s most important to us (see “Having a clear set of values”). 

Putting more emphasis and defining ourselves by what we create, not by what we consume - my writing is more a representation of me than the car that I drive. 

Getting enough sleep, enough exercise and eating the right food.