Two weeks at a startup / by Joseph Palumbo

For those of you that follow me on social media (or know me IRL), you already know that I recently left Cisco (after only 3 months) and joined a local startup called

For those of you that don't follow me on social media (or know me IRL), I left Cisco after only 3 months and joined a local startup called

Although I've never worked for a startup before, most of the teams and projects I worked on at Rackspace were completely new and operated very much like a startup with the larger organization playing the role of investor. Everybody, regardless of official role or skill set, was expected to be cross-functional. We cobbled together a number of 'off the shelf' SaaS tools to help us communicate, organize and track progress. We shipped an MVP. We sold the idea we were working on to a number of stakeholders to procure more resources, or in most cases, more time to iterate and ship a new version. 

These projects were always a lot of work, constantly pushing you out of your comfort zone, but they were the most fulfilling and rewarding. So while Cisco is a great company with much to offer and Cisco Metapod is a solid product backed by a great and talented team, I decided to try life in a real startup - business without the safety net of operating within a large, stable organization. 

What does do? I'm glad you asked. 

In short, is an end-to-end file management framework for modern API-driven web apps. It starts with a front-end widget that facilitates data ingestion from local storage as well as all major cloud storage services as well as social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Once you've uploaded a user's file into your app, the Framework provides you with a robust set of tools that allow you to edit images, encode videos, convert documents, etc, using a REST API. 

Obviously, that's an oversimplification of what it can do so, especially if you're a developer, go check it out and tell me what you think...because it's kind of my job now.