A simple life for a simple man / by Joseph Palumbo

Alright, this is going to be a really whimsical, flow-of-consciousness post. Not the kind that I'm usually comfortable posting, but I've been dealing with persistent intensity lately and long-term stress in general, so I'm kind of in a mood where I don't feel like being too strict with myself, or anything really. 

Today has been a good day. We had a cold front come in which caused the heat and humidity to subside enough to be comfortable outside. I haven't been able to be very active because of my work schedule so I thought I would pull my Linus Roadster out of the storage shed, inflate the tires, check the brakes and go for a ride. I rode aimlessly through my neighborhood for about an hour. It was fun. It made me happy. I forgot about a lot of the things that have me stressed right now. It made me think of a simple life where I can get up and ride my bicycle all day. 

I'm a natural born daydreamer and I like to define success. So it's natural that I daydream a lot about ideal situations and how I can get there. I think about what an ideal life looks like. 

An ideal life would be to wake up in the morning. drink some really good coffee, smoke some really good (and legal) cannabis and then go ride my bike for a couple of hours while listening to my favorite podcasts or good music. I would then go for a long, meditative swim. After I would come home, put on some more good music while I cook a good dinner, probably grilling steaks on the back patio. Enjoy dinner. And then sit in my Eames lounge chair and read until it's time to go to sleep. 

Some days I would wake up early to drink coffee and write. I would write for several hours, something that I enjoy writing about, something that didn't quite feel like work and then I would ride my bike to a restaurant not too far from my house to meet friends for a late lunch or early dinner. Once again accompanied by my bicycle soundtrack. 

I don't know if I'll ever have that kind of life, but I sure like to think about it. A simple life filled with good coffee, good music , good books, time to write and my bicycle.