How does your company's culture view problems? by Joseph Palumbo

The fundamental purpose of business is to solve a problem in exchange for money. Distill any business model to its most fundamental concept it's about people paying you money to solve a problem. But how does your company's culture view internal problems? Knowing that can help you predict your future happiness and success at your current, or future employer. 

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Confessions of a keyboard snob by Joseph Palumbo

Yes, I am a keyboard snob. I'm always looking at finding that magical, unicorn of a keyboard that provides the perfect combination of design, ergonomics, tactile feedback and functionality. So it says something that even though I've got a stash of fancy mechanical keyboards equal in value to the GDP of a small island nation, I always come back to Apple's Magic Keyboard. Here's why. 

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My recent Aeropress method (dialed for Brown Coffee Co. Michicoy) by Joseph Palumbo

Coffee nerds are always tinkering with their extraction methods (water temp, grind settings, ratios, water type, etc.) and I'm no different. Since switch from Chemex to Aeropress I've opened up a whole new matrix of variables with which to play. Here is my latest Aeropress method that I've dialed in using Brown Coffee Co.'s Michicoy from Guatemala. 

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How to be the best by Joseph Palumbo

Just ran across an amazing post on Quora

What are the best ways to become the best at whatever you do? 

  1. Write down your goals twice every day. You cannot get the things you don't remember you wanted in the first place. 
  2. Do something for the goals every single day. Success and excellence only come from what we do behind the scenes every day. 
  3. Work harder than everyone else. To be the best you must work like the best. Period. 
  4. Get over yourself. Get over the fact that you can do this all while staying comfortable and do the things you do not like to do and that scares you. 
  5. Believe you are the best before you are. If you do not believe it, why should anyone else. 
  6. Focus all your energy on improving. You are not the best yet, so you must grow into the best by improving everything you can as much as you can. 
  7. Invest in yourself. Spend the time, energy and money required for you to become the best. 
  8. Do not give up. This will take longer than you think it will and will be harder than anyone told you, but if you give up you will never be able to reach it.